Anti social protestors give no thought for residents

Ryedale Against Anti Social Protesters is a community group, formed from more than 800 residents who have differing opinions on shale gas but who are united in opposing the anti-social actions of the anti-fracking protesters and their negative affect on our community.

Thursday, 24th May 2018, 11:37 am
Updated Thursday, 24th May 2018, 11:46 am
Vagrant protesters are faceless to our community.

Members from our community are shocked, horrified and disillusioned that the professional anti-fracking protesters who broke into the KM8 well site and climbed the work over rig were acquitted of all charges at York Magistrates’ Court. In their press release after the trial, Kirby Misperton Protest Camp group gloated that ‘Fracking companies are not people; they are faceless impersonal corporations and we need to bring our authentic humanity into play when we fight them’.

There is nothing ‘authentic’ about claiming they represent our community, neither did they show any ‘humanity’ when they wilfully endangered the work force, police and residents on the night they broke through the compound security fence, climbed the work over rig and lit flares on a live gas well site.

These vagrant protesters are ‘faceless’ to our community as we don’t even recognise them let alone know their names.

They showed utter contempt for the safety of our families, children and friends living and working in the locality.

We have always fully supported the police in their challenging task of policing the protests.

However, it does appear that the police have been pressurised by the protesters into protecting the protesters rights at the expense of the rights of local residents to go about their lawful daily business.

A small number of politicians have openly supported the disruptive actions of the activists and have failed to condemn actions that have been a cause for concern, including disruption of local democratic meetings, targeting and bullying of individuals and local businesses.

Some businesses have had sustained campaigns against them leading to job losses in our community. With elections due next year for Ryedale District councillors, we are now asking which councillors will be supporting the return of the protest camps and the anti-social behaviour of the vagrant protesters?

We will be collating and publishing individual councillors’ answers for the whole community to view.

It seems that there is no justice nor equality for the law abiding, peaceful citizens of our community.

We are now demanding that our community is heard, understood and taken seriously, resulting in tougher action taken to protect our rights and our community.

We will be here long after the transient protesters have gone and it is the residents who will be the ones marking the ballot papers with their cross in the voting booths right across Ryedale next year.

Lorraine Allanson, Allerston,Nick Hardman, Pickering,Bob Batty, Thornton-le-Dale, all Ryedale