Appalling state of beach

We went with friends to Scarborough last weekend visiting the town centre and South Bay Foreshore and were all appalled at the disgusting state of the beach which was littered with polystyrene cartons, cans, litter etc, all the litter bins full to capacity. We were ashamed to be residents supposedly advocating the charms of Scarborough. The town, as usual, looking dishevelled in need of tidying up everywhere, ie cigarette butts, general litter, cracked paving, shop fronts in need of cleaning let alone painting. Whilst my observations are generalistic - not all areas are like this, ie North Bay, the Esplanade are generally fine but far greater attention needs to be applied to the overall appearance and services required.

The problem is exaggerated by the hoards of daytrippers and holiday-makers and as a former hotelier (Whitby) appreciate Scarborough needs them albeit how uneducated and unaware the majority are of basic behaviour in terms of cleanliness and being aware of their surroundings.

Why cannot the council employ more staff to patrol, instant fine those whose behaviour is questionable? The traffic wardens are always visible. Why cannot signage be utilised to ensure rubbish is deposited in waste bins stressing fine penalties? Why cannot the waste bins be emptied more frequently or more bins supplied? Why cannot the council reduce business rates to encourage more small traders to the town rather than the multitude of discount stores, charity shops etc?

Surely funding and an acceptance of my last paragraph is not impossible to deploy, especially as the fantasy of relocating the Town Hall has been dropped.

We are shortly moving to a small market town whose services via Ryedale District Council and the town council seem to be deployed for more visibly efficient and cost-effective - none of my previous comments apply although the town is still regarded as a tourist destination.

My daughter has just rung me from Newquay in Cornwall, height of season, but the beach is pristine and the town immaculate. If they can, why can’t Scarborough?

Whitby, in the height of season - Goth Week, the Regatta - always had hoards of visitors yet overnight on Regatta week the pier road and environs were cleaned and generally Whitby presents a far greater, nicer appearance than Scarborough.

Officers and councillors are employed and elected to provide and maintain Scarborough as the biggest tourist attraction on the Yorkshire coast but others do it better. Please consider my comments - perhaps take a walk on Saturdays in the season down the front.

M Morley

Pickering Road

West Ayton