Appeal to find mum of baby boy whose body was found near Malton in 1999

Re-structuring of the county's police force
Re-structuring of the county's police force

An appeal has been sent out to find the mum of a newborn baby boy whose body was found in a wood near Malton in early 1999.

It is believed that the baby’s mum would have been a teenager at the time and attended a local school.

She would now be aged around 30-years-old.

The baby, which was born in 1998, was found, wrapped in a black jumper, in a wood near Burythorpe Bridge, on the unclassified Norton-to-Stamford Bridge.

Detectives launched an appeal to find the mother, but drew a blank.

The new appeal is part of a cold case review by North Yorkshire Police

In the video, Sarah Bullock, of North Yorkshire Police, says: “I appeal to her friends and family or anyone who lived in the area at the time and knew somebody and noticed a change in their behaviour such as a difference in clothing, not attending P.E. at school, turning down invitations to Christmas and New Year’s parties, and later returning to her normal self, to contact me. I am also concerned about this little boy’s mum and want to know if you are also listening that I can get you all the help and support you need. It is never too late to do so. Please contact me.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sarah on 07581 297866