Arcade begins controversial transformation

Salisbury Arcade arcade. pic Richard Ponter 150212b
Salisbury Arcade arcade. pic Richard Ponter 150212b

One of Scarborough’s historic shopping arcades has closed for the final time.

The Salisbury Arcade, which linked Huntriss Row to Bar Street, was boarded up this week as its owner transforms the six units inot three larger shops.

It is part of the wider developement of the former Salisbury Hotel, which is being transformed into student flats and retail units on the ground floor.

In 2012 planning permission was granted for the flats, and for the closure of the Salisbury Arcade to merge the thoroughfare with the retail area.

A number of objectors opposed the scheme at the time stating it would result in the loss of a “heritage asset”.

The plans see the existing shops on either side of the arcade enlarged.

The two shops on each side in Huntriss Row, will become one unit, while the two units in Bar Street will both be made bigger.

It will also result in the loss of one shop entirely in Huntriss Row - Rafferty’s which sell jewellery and gifts moved to new premises when the plans were passed.

The arcade was built as part of the Salisbury Hotel in around 1877.

The application was amended as it went through the planning process in order to keep the shop fronts more in keeping with its current look and to retain part of the archways that link the two streets.

Scrarborough Civic Society opposed the loss of one of the town’s most unique features.
In a letter to Scarborough Council it said that more should be done to protect the area.

It stated: “The arcade is an interesting feature of the town centre. For residents it provides a link and a short cut between Huntriss Row to Bar Street. “For visitors it is an interesting passage from a pedestrian shopping area to another.

“Scarborough could use more of these interlinking pedestrian shopping areas.”
There has been no indications of which retailers will be taking over the new premises.