Arlene takes a big leap of faith!

SCARBOROUGH provided the romantic backdrop for one woman who took advantage of the leap year to jump into a marriage proposal!

Arlene Mackie was visiting Scarborough with her partner Doug Hill when she popped the question.

The pair were in the town to see Mr Hill’s sister and Miss Mackie said her leap of faith was somewhat spontaneous and drawn by the beauty of Scarborough.

She said: “We were down there for the day and I kept on saying to him it was a beautiful place to be. It got me in the romantic mood and I took him into H Samuel jewellers on the idea that I wanted to get him a ring for his birthday.

“However, once I got him in there that is when I made the proposal. Thankfully he said yes straightaway, I was worried he was going to stand there and say nothing!”

Miss Mackie said the couple, from Dundee, were now back at home and were looking forward to planning their big day.