Art? No, lumpy blocks of steel

RE public arts strategy:

The thought of more sculptures by Ray Lonsdale littered around Scarborough concerns me on many levels. First and foremost they are not great sculptures, in my view. Mr Lonsdale sculptures put simply are clumsy and lack aesthetic judgment and appeal. I have not met one artist or person in Scarborough who believes these are great works.

Just because it’s free does not mean it should be received, erected and displayed for good. I think the council should think carefully about these gifts for it suggests anyone with spare pounds can buy a public profile within the town.

I do not dismiss the benevolence of Mrs Robinson or the opportunities it gives Mr Lonsdale, however these should be private arrangements and not public manifestations of wealth and private taste.

We may become the town everyone visits from ‘far and wide” to laugh at and to cite as an example of artistic ignorance manifest in lumpy blocks of steel.

Kane Cunningham

Princess Royal Terrace