Artist breathes new life into school mosaic

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A mosaic which was installed at Gladstone Road School in 1975 has been restored as part of the school’s recent 125th anniversary celebrations.

Heateacher Anne Swift explained: “We had some new mosaics made as part of our anniversary, but this one was looking a bit shabby.

“It’s made of shells, buttons and pieces of tile, which the children had donated originally, so we asked pupils to bring in similar items again for the refurbishment work.”

Scarborough artist Gaby Naptali was asked to carry out the work, so she set about cleaning, regrouting and polishing up the mosaic.

Mrs Swift said: “It’s all looking sparkling and colourful again. It was originally on an outside wall, near the entrance for children coming in to the playground, but now because of alterations to the building, it’s in the corridor.”

She added: “We had quite a few shells to add that people had collected.

“The children have really enjoyed seeing how it’s been re-done and it was created a renewed interest in the mosaic.

“It has really brought the piece back to people’s attention.”

Mrs Swift said the restoration work took around five days and was quite delicate to carry out.

She thanked Gaby for her work in breathing new life into the artwork.

Pictured from left are Rebecca Mortimer, William Slade, Ruby Andrews, Lucy Eke, Abbie Hepples and Oliver Wells. Picture by Neil Silk.