Artist’s show helps to keep human rights in mind

THE universal declaration of human rights was recited from memory at the library on Saturday.

It was the brainchild of artist Monica Ross, who challenged herself to learn the declaration by heart after police shot Jean Charles de Menezes in London.

The event, entitled Anniversary, was billed as “an act of memory, supporting the right to access to knowledge and a rich cultural life in Scarborough”.

The 1,880-word declaration is divided into 30 articles. Volunteers read some articles, in English, French, Flemish, Italian, Arabic and Indonesian, and Monica read the rest.

About 50 people took part or watched.

So far, over 30 recitations have taken place at various locations including the House of Commons, Brighton seafront, someone’s flat, art galleries, universities and an opera house.

“The emphasis is not on perfect recall, but on the attempt to remember and the difficulty of fulfilling the declaration’s call to keep it ‘constantly in mind,’ especially when under pressure,” says Crescent Arts director Stuart Cameron, who helped organise Saturday’s event.