Artist wants to hear your stories

A SCARBOROUGH artist is working on a project to embed personal stories into York City Wall.

Kane Cunningham is part of York Stories– a community art project and part of the York 800 celebrations.

The City of York Council is encouraging residents, businesses and visitors to tell and share stories that are personal and unique to the city of York.

Mr Cunningham, who bought a house on Knipe Point’s cliff edge to use as an art installation, said: “This is a unique project. The idea is to create a social sculpture, to embed all the stories into the city wall as a work of art.

“The stories will also be accessed through QR codes displayed along the wall, so people can access the stories where they stand.”

A York Story could be about childhood, school, work, friends, family, social life or something of personal interest.

It could be about an event such as a festival, or a sporting or community event, which reflects people’s personal experience as long as York is at the heart of the story.

Mr Cunningham continued: “There are many ways in which to tell a York Story. It can be through words, music, voice, audio, digital media, video, poetry, letters, lyrics in a song, a play, a blog or even a tweet can be used.

“It’s about communication, social interaction and about people talking and listening to each other.

“It is about human relations, social encounters, situations, events, happenings and social contexts.”

The stories will also go towards a media collection for the city archives and will be added to a time capsule.

To submit a story and for details visit or e-mail