Artwork valued at £1,000 is missing after ‘Art Party’

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Eight works of art worth a total of £1,000 have gone missing at Scarborough’s Art Party conference.

Following the event at the Spa Complex on Saturday, the York-based iThink Gallery found it had lost eight works by the London-based artist Bob and Roberta Smith.

The brightly-coloured works were stitched onto a red and blue scarf, and were part of a protest against cuts to the arts.

Works have the slogans: “Art in school must always be about practical activity not just appreciation and enjoyment”, “All governments think creativity is a taboo word” and “I am writing to you”.

Five more pieces spell out “ART4U”.

The gallery is offering a significant reward for the return of the paintings.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the paintings should contact Stephen Gavin on 07941 956 404 or via the gallery’s website at

The Art Party Conference was billed as “an antidote to all other conferences” and “a forum for debating the future of the arts in today’s climate of spending cuts and changes to the education system”.

The event’s aim was to influence decision makers to listen and to think again.

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