August installation hope as new statue takes shape

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Scarborough’s highly-anticipated smuggler statue is progressing well - and could be in position by the end of next month.

Sculptor Ray Lonsdale has sent this latest picture to The Scarborough News and is also keeping Maureen Robinson, who commissioned the artwork, informed with regular updates.

If work keeps progressing on schedule, the statue could be in position at Merchant’s Row in a month’s time.

This is the third statue Mrs Robinson will have donated to the town, having already purchased Freddie Gilroy and the Filey Fisherman, both by Ray Lonsdale.

She is delighted with the progress and is looking forward to seeing the finished result.

The sculpture is being created from a sketch of a smuggler and his apprentice - an idea that was dreamt up by Mrs Robinson, who says she has always had a fascination with smuggling in out local area.

It will take the form of a life-size man and boy, both carrying barrels of brandy.

This is a departure from the previous two statues to be donated to the town, which are both larger than life when it comes to their dimensions.

The adult smuggler figure has been under way since June 18 and it is hoped the finished statue will be in place by the end of August.

Mr Lonsdale said that he originally intended to do both the heads first, but changed tack and decided to tackle the entire adult figure first.

He added that he has been using the same materials to create the smugglers as he used for Freddie and the fisherman.

They are made of corten steel, which weathers well and gives Mr Lonsdale’s sculptures the look and feel he is after.

Mrs Robinson, who spent around £100,000 on the first two sculptures, has not disclosed how much she has spent on the third.