Aussie duo Busting Out at the Spa ...

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BREASTS are the subject of a show at the Spa Theatre next Monday.

Busting Out stars bosom pals Emma Powell and Mandi Lodge, left, who will talk about the show on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour on Friday, as part of red nose day.

They will open the programme with their song Everyone Loves, which features every single slang word for breasts you could ever imagine.

Busting Out celebrates women’s bodies and, more specifically, boobs, in all their glory, with creativity, warmth and in-your-face cheeky humour.

The press love it. “You’ll probably never look at breasts the same way again”, according to the News of the World.

The Edinburgh Evening News called it “uproarious, unrefined and irreverent”.

The Leicester Mercury said it is “gut-wrenchingly funny; absolutely brilliant”.