Austerity: Local officials should take cut to save services

Further to the letter you printed last week from Cllr Anna Shaw of Filey, I agree that owing to the “austerity measures” the grass cutting by the council was in jeopardy.

However, unlike Councillor Shaw, I feel that as a country we are still spending more money than we are earning and if all the local government officials took a reduction in their salary of £250 a year, many of our amenities would not have to be cut at all.

When I was young there was a single town clerk who looked after everything. Nowadays, I feel that in our area we have at least a dozen people all with very “fancy” exotic titles being very highly paid under the umbrella of local government. Our town – all towns – deserve better!

Mrs Dorothy Blenkinsopp, Seaview Avenue, 
Newby, Scarborough