Author’s book gives insight into behaviour

Rita Leaman with her book.Picture Richard Ponter 134331
Rita Leaman with her book.Picture Richard Ponter 134331

A Scarborough woman has published her first book which looks at the issue of why adults sometimes behave like children.

Rita Leaman, of Scalby, has written the book, titled “Are You Chasing Rainbows?”, under the pen name of Alison R Russell.

Following more than a decade as a psychotherapist with her own practice in York, Rita became passionate about the role of emotional maturity in mental health problems.

She turned her attention to developing the subject, using her previous working experience in childcare and retailing.

Rita, 64, explained: “I had the idea for the book in 2006 and I’ve been working on it since then.

“It was this time last year that I sat down and started to write it. I didn’t want to get to 70 having not done it!”

She added that bringing together her experience as a nursery nurse and psychotherapist was invaluable in getting the book together.

Rita explained: “I was seeing people who were trying to get something they never had as a child, or thought they’d never had as a child.

“It was an illusion. People were wasting years and becoming emotionally and mentally unwell.”

She adds that the book doesn’t tell you what to do about it, but makes you think about what you could do.

The book, priced at £11.99, is available at all bookshops and on Kindle.