Babylon 5 star to land at Scarboro’ festival

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The first huge announcement for next April’s Sci-Fi Scarborough has been made.

The team behind the Scarborough Spa event have disclosed the appearance of the renowned American actress Claudia Christian to Sci-Fi Scarborough (SFS) 2016.

Best known for her role as Commander Susan Ivanova in the massively popular TV series Babylon 5, she has had a stellar career working alongside actors including Morgan Freeman, Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Kirk Douglas and Faye Dunaway.

It is the first major guest that SFS have had to the ability to fly from overseas and the team are ecstatic.

Co-organiser Steve Dickison said: “It was always the dream and the ambition of the event to one day be able to approach Trans-Atlantic guests and offer Scarborough as a viable option in the convention calendar.

“It once again does credit to the people of the town that their welcome, hard work and reputation makes SFS an event worth talking about. Claudia is part of a package of guests that at one time we could only dream about but thanks to everyone, is now a reality.

“The fact that an artist of Claudia’s standing is recognising that our beautiful part of the UK is a true destination makes the last three years of work so worthwhile.”