Badger sparks Malton vehicle blaze

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A VAUXHALL Corsa SRi 1.4 injection car burst into flames when it hit a badger near malton.

A fire crew from the Malton station were called out to the incident after they received two telephone calls – including one from the driver himself.

A North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said the driver said his vehicle struck the animal outside the village of Leavening on a minor road towards near Malton.

He added: “When he got to the next bend the car was alight.”

It is understood that the most likely cause of the blaze was that the badger had dislodged the hot brake shoe causing it to become loose and into contact with some flammable part of the engine.

The spokesman said: “He got out just in time as it all went up.”

He added that firefighters called for an ambulance because the 20-year-old driver complained that he had been burned in the incident.

He said: “He suffered some singeing to hairs to the side of his face. He also had mud in his eyes which was washed out.”

The fire crew used a hose reel, one set of breathing apparatus and bolt cutters to tackle the blazing car.