Band promise to dazzle and delight

KING Pleasure the Biscuit Boys promise to dazzle and delight at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, tomorrow at 7. 30pm.

“Rough, tough and always rocking, their legendary show sometimes belies the fact that this is the finest, most authentic R&B band ever to come from outside the USA”, says Lizzie Glazier from the theatre. 

Paul Jones of Radio 2 described them as “the hardest act to follow since the parting of the Red Sea”.

The Guardian said: “Behind the fun and rollicking good times lies an outfit skilled enough to get four horns to come on with the bite and precision of the Count Basie Band”.

Lizzie says: “There is no denying King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys’ popularity, polish and ability to assault, involve and ultimately exhaust an audience.”