Battle of the Magic Mikes

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A Scarborough magician has had more attention than he bargained for in the last few weeks after a film was released bearing his name.

Magic Mike has been performing illusions, comedy magic and ventriloquism in Scarborough and beyond since 1994.

But with the release of Hollywood blockbuster Magic Mike - which is set in the world of male strippers - Scarborough’s version has been the subject of plenty of “cheerful banter” as he put it.

He said: “Absolutely everyone has been talking about it, everywhere I go.

“People have been saying ‘I didn’t realise you were a Hollywood star now’ or ‘You don’t look like you do on the poster!’

“There’s also been lots of comments on Facebook and Twitter. It’s all been tongue-in-cheek and good fun.”

Mike says the attention has probably done more good than harm, but a down side has been that he is no longer the top result on Google when searching for Magic Mike.

He said: “I noticed a couple of weeks ago that we’d lost that. It’s also happened when you do a Facebook search too.”

Mike added that he contacted Equity about the film’s name, as he registered the name Magic Mike as a limited company when he started out.

However, as one is a film and one is an entertainment company, he says it is unlikely that anything will come of it.

The film has not hit Scarborough yet, but it is now showing in cinemas across the country and is proving popular with cinemagoers.

Mike said: “I don’t think I’ll go and watch it. But I’ve got my summer show starting soon, so I may have lots of screaming women coming in!”

He is very busy at the moment doing summer shows in Scarborough and the surrounding areas.

Mike even had to turn down the chance to be on Channel 4 hit show Come Dine With Me due to work committments in August.