BBC Radio presenter praises Scarborough

WRITER, broadcaster, playwright and lecturer Paul Allen has spoken of his love of Scarborough.

The presenter of BBC Radio 3’s Night Waves, who lives in Sheffield, told the Yorkshire Post: “I have a really soft spot for Scarborough. Everyone at some point in their lives should take the train to Scarborough and savour the experience - a sensation of sea air and vinegar.”

Describing his idea of a perfect day in Yorkshire, he said: “Maybe a trip to Scarborough, with - maybe a quick dip in that icy North Sea. And then a nice late lunch and a couple of tickets the theatre, the Stephen Joseph. The SJT and The Crucible (in Sheffield) are two of my favourite theatres anywhere.”

Extolling the virtues of Sir Alan Ayckbourn, Mr Allen added: “One of the greatest joys of my life is going to see one of his plays, settling down into a seat, and watching the mastercraftsman’s words being spoken by fine actors. You know that you are going to be part of something that you’ve not experienced before, and that you will emerge enriched.

“He’s now written well over 70 plays, and when one was revived in New York recently, he was feted as a ‘newcomer’, which he thought was very amusing. And, by the way, he is a genuinely charming, self-effacing, man.”