BBC show by Dr Jo proves popular

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A Scarborough Egyptologist says she is “overwhelmed” with the reaction to her recent two-part documentary on BBC2.

Dr Joann Fletcher wrote and presented “Ancient Egypt: Life & Death In The Valley Of The Kings”, which was screened in two hour-long episodes.

The programme centred around the life - and death - of two everyday members of Ancient Egyptian society, Kha and Meryt, rather than the usual Kings and Gods.

Before the show was aired, Dr Fletcher told The Scarborough News she hoped that is would give a valuable insight into ordinary people’s lives and show that, in many ways, they were just like us.

Following the programme, she received over 100 emails and there was a huge response on Twitter.

Dr Fletcher said: “There was an amazing reaction - for more than we could have imagined. Everybody seemed to enjoy it so we’re thrilled to pieces.”

She added that she loved making the programme, especially the second part which focused on death, saying: “The point was that they seemed so different, but their real heart’s desire was to be with the people they loved.”

The highlight for Dr Fletcher was to be able to fulfil a lifetime’s ambition and enter the tomb of Tutankhamun’s grandfather, Amenhotep III.

She said: “It was the final tomb Kha designed. The colours were so fresh - it was just amazing. It was definitely one of the high points of my life.”

Dr Fletcher, who is an honorary research fellow at the University of York, has been working with students on their PHD submissions and is also currently writing a number of academic papers on Ancient Egypt.