Beaches are looking swell after spruce-up

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SCARBOROUGH’S golden sands are looking in pristine condition ahead of the summer period thanks to an army of dedicated beachcombers.

Around 40 people took to the South Bay to rid the beach of debris - filling 25 bags of litter in just two hours.

The clean-up operation was organised by Steve Crawford, representative for Surfers Against Sewage in the Scarborough area, who said it was imperative the town’s beaches remained litter free to boost the town’s image.

He said: “One of the problems is that while the beach gets regularly cleaned in the summer, during the winter they do not get done quite as much and rubbish builds up.

“There was quite a lot of broken glass and fishing nets and hooks and when they don’t get cleaned it can cause a number of problems.

“All is takes is for wildlife to mistake things like bags and wrappers in the sea for food and that can prove very harmful for them.”

Mr Crawford said the beach cleaning events were constantly growing in popularity and said the recent turnout gave the campaign a real boost.

He added: “With everything that was happening in Scarborough throughout the day, such as the marches, and another beach clean going on in Filey, to have around 40 people taking part with us was great.

“I actually thought we would there would only be a few people, but I was really chuffed with how many we had on the day and the way it all went.”