Beloved husband passes away at 97

Harold and Dorie Coupland pictured celebrating their 78th anniversary in November
Harold and Dorie Coupland pictured celebrating their 78th anniversary in November

A SCARBOROUGH man who was one half of one of the longest married couples in the country has died at the age of 97.

Harold Coupland celebrated his 78th wedding anniversary with wife Dorie in November.

He was admitted to Scarborough Hospital after complaining of an upset stomach and was diagnosed with sepsis, which is a form of blood poisoning.

He died peacefully a week later, weeks before he would have celebrated his 98th birthday in April.

His granddaughter, Carolyn Biebly, has been helping Dorie come to terms with her husband’s death after so many happy years together.

She also paid her own tributes to Harold, whom, she said, enjoyed a simple lifestyle and always made her feel at ease.

“Obviously we’re all quite sad, and my grandma was devastated,” Carolyn said. “But I don’t feel so upset when I realise he has gone without any regrets.

“He was not thinking ‘I wish I’d done this, that or the other.’ He led a nice, simple, clean-living life.

“He had a great sense of humour – towards the end more than ever.

“He was hard-working, but was easy-going when it came to his personal relationships. I could always be myself around him.

“He loved children. He taught me to swim and when I had a son and was working he would pick him up from nursery.

“He wouldn’t have to be there until 4pm but would always collect him at 3pm so he could spend more time with him.”

Carolyn said she would also remember Harold for his intelligence. “You could ask him a question about anything,” she added.

In his spare time Harold enjoyed fishing and tending to his allotment in Scalby, a hobby he enjoyed until he was well into his 70s.

Harold and Dorie married in 1932. They moved to Scarborough in the mid-1960s, where they set up an upholstery business in the Market Hall.

Their long and happy partnership produced two children, Peter and Brian, five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

After the outbreak of the Second World War, Harold joined the Royal Army Ordnance Corps and served in France, Sicily and Egypt.

To toast their 78th anniversary, Harold and Dorie shared a bottle of bubbly with friends and family at their residential home in Pollard Gardens.

When interviewed at the time by the Evening News, they put the success of their union down to tolerance and looking out for one another.