Benefits for water babies

RE the article about Scarborough Indoor Pool:

In my experience of these types of pools, I did water aerobics, then when I became pregnant I stayed with doing this as it was so very beneficial and I am sure other pregnant ladies would find this also. Then when my daughter was born, I took her to Water Babies at the local pool. My daughter was nine-months-old, and we were taught how to take your baby down under the surface of the water to get them used to this.

I remember that the group that I was in, none of the babies cried and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This enables them, that as they grow up they do not have any fears of the water, and grow up to be good swimmers.

Also there was a class for pensioners’ aerobics which helped with things like rheumatism and arthritis, this keeps a pensioner mobile and hopefully happy, and possibly live longer.

I am sharing these ideas as this could be very beneficial if these ideas were brought to the Scarborough Indoor Pool. They could help the annual attendance and annual income, and would be so good for the ladies of Scarborough who live here.

This is only a suggestion, but think that Scarborough Council’s Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee and the ladies of Scarborough would find enjoyment and good health, plus very good for business.

Miss W Haley

South Street