Benefits system in need of a shake-up

Out of my private and government pension after tax I am left with £18000 pa.

My wife only has her reduced government pension of £5200pa as she stayed at home looking after our children, even though in the early 1970s she was the major earner, we thought the children would be better off with their mother at home and pay into her government pension with top ups to help her when she retired.

We did not have highly paid jobs, but budgeted throughout our married life; in fact when we made the decision to start a family in the early 1970s, my wife was earning £625 pa more than me

This meant some years we had to watch the income and expenditure, not easy but required.

Out of this we have to support ourselves, ie we receive no assistance with anything YET we have to support with our taxes those individuals who have never worked or contributed to our system.

We brought our children up without government help albeit family allowance for the second child.

We do not begrudge helping those who cannot work, but begrudge having to support those who will not work or undertake voluntary work, or are asylum seekers or refugees, why should they get my hard earned taxes?

However due to our weak government we have to.

It is now time that the government paid benefits for a maximum of one child, minimum council rent or even basic lodgings, why should we have to provide for ourselves yet others receive hand outs for nothing?

Benefits should be means tested, ie payments for mobile phones, entertainment systems, SKY etc, email accounts, socialising should not be included in benefits.

The country cannot keep paying out the amount of benefit that they do now, people have to be in control of their own destiny and those who do not or cannot unfortunately must cease being helped.

We have friends who are pensioners who have trouble paying their TV licence, yet cannot get benefits, because they have a few thousand pounds in savings, towards the legendary “rainy day”: they should spend their money now, however they are from a generation that provides for themselves whenever they can and will not spend to get benefits.

Robert Michael Johnstone

Scholes Park Road