Benefits woman is £1,000 a night ‘escort’

Adult worker Sarah Tulip c
Adult worker Sarah Tulip c

A woman who claims she can only afford £5 a week from her benefits to pay off court debts is advertising herself as a £1,000-a-night escort.

Sarah Tulip was allowed to make the meagre weekly payment following her latest conviction, due to claims that she is hard-up.

Adult worker Sarah Tulip b

Adult worker Sarah Tulip b

However The Scarborough News can reveal she advertises sex online under the alias Lala Rose May, charging clients up to four figures. She pleaded guilty at Scarborough Magistrates ‘ Court to her role in a late-night drunken drama.

In court, magistrates took pity on tearful Tulip after she broke down and yelled, “I am so ashamed!” as she begged the bench for help to address personal issues.

The bench agreed to let Tulip repay around £900 in outstanding debt to the public purse at just £10 a fortnight – the lowest repayment figure they can impose – direct from her benefits.

But it is unclear if magistrates knew about the escort work, which she advertises on, an international escorts database.

Adult worker Sarah Tulip

Adult worker Sarah Tulip

She has denied selling sex – saying the profile is a way of helping the 38-year-old become a top glamour model.

Despite denials, she openly invites men to contact her. “I am a sexy English lady ... I love my work,” boasts Tulip, of Northstead Flats, on her web profile, among other comments describing her appearance and fashion preferences.

However that cheeky side was absent in court, as she wept uncontrollably throughout the afternoon hearing. Her behaviour was erratic but it was booze that was blamed for the incident which brought her to court, after being arrested for drunk and disorderly in the early hours of January 2.

After being turned away by Blue Lounge bouncers, she hurled expletives at them.

Police then watched as she tried to open the handle of a red car parked nearby. Failing, she slumped against it.

“Her behaviour is just generally disorderly,” claimed the prosecution.

However the probation service said Tulip – who has several aliases including Beverley Donaldson and Emma Jenkins – said this could be blamed on alcohol and her mental health.

The bench sympathised with Tulip’s case, outlined by her solicitor David Camidge.

Magistrates handed Tulip a conditional discharge, meaning she will escape punishment unless she offends again within two years. She was ordered to pay just a £15 surcharge, with Tulip spared having to pay pricey court costs due to her “lack of means”.

However, her escort profile shows that she asks as much as £1,000 a night for her company – or £150 for an hour’s work.

The site shows that Tulip isn’t short of business, with two dozen largely glowing reviews. The most recent feedback, from a fortnight ago, said their encounter had been a “fun-filled” event.

Other happy men claimed Tulip was “definitely worth every penny” while another client added she was “very skilled”.

Many then leave unprintable reviews outlining their time with Tulip.

However one man added: “Her prices are extortionate.”

The Scarborough News contacted Tulip and she denied selling sex on the website – claiming she was just trying to forge a new career as a pin-up.

“I’m just using the website to put my pictures as I want to be a glamour model.” she told our reporter. When asked about claiming benefits, she said: “I don’t know what you are on about.”

Within 24 hours of that claim, the account had seemingly been removed from the website.