Bid to speed up workings at Spa

COUNCIL officials are considering speeding up an extensive renovation project at Scarborough’s Spa Complex to make sure it is completed by the beginning of May.

The £6.64 million project was originally approved by Scarborough Council in November 2009 and it began last April.

Work on the refurbishment is due to be completed by Saturday, May 7, with the world-renowned Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra booked to play that night in the Grand Hall.

Members of the Scarborough Council’s Audit Committee have requested a report, so that they are kept up to date with progress on the extensive renovation, and it is due to be discussed at a meeting on Tuesday (March 29). Funding included a £4.27 million capital contribution from Yorkshire Forward with the council borrowing the outstanding amount.

The report’s author, Douglas Kendall from the council’s regeneration section, said the scheme linked directly with the aim to achieve the Renaissance of the North Yorkshire Coast by 2020.

He added: “Members will recall that in 2010 Yorkshire Forward informed the council that it was reducing its funding allocation for the scheme by £800,000.

“However this funding has now been fully reinstated and a new contract has been signed and agreed.”

Mr Kendall said that the project included work to the heating and water systems at the Spa and £100,000 had previously been allocated to cover the cost.

He said: “Expenditure reports to mid-March show an estimated cost for the main build contract of £5.508 million. A further £1.086 million is anticipated for fees and other scheme costs resulting in a total anticipated expenditure of £6.594 million.

“This leaves an available contingency of £46,000 which is not significant given the duration of the remaining build programme. It is nevertheless anticipated that an acceleration will need to be put in place to ensure that the project is completed on time.”

According to Mr Kendall’s report potential additional costs are not included in the anticipated figures because, at the time it was prepared, details had not yet been finalised with the contractor.

He added: “A verbal update will be provided at the meeting if details are available. The Project Manager, however, is confident any additional costs can be accommodated within the remaining scheme contingency of £46,000.”

Tuesday’s (March 29) meeting is due to start at Scarborough Town Hall at 2pm.