Big gains for the Lib Dems

Corby By-election, it was a win for Labour as you would expect at the midterm for any unpopular government, especially a minority Conservative government and the Liberal Democrats came in fourth. But was it such a loss for the Liberal Democrats as one would expect, you only have to start to look at the total number of MPs in Parliament to understand that the Corby win for Labour weakened the Conservative position as a minority government and strengthen the position of the Liberal Democrat MPs in Parliament, especially those that have position in the Coalition Government.

And those same MPs have delivered 65 percent of the Liberal Democrat Manifesto like Pupil Premium and given £550 tax cut to 21 million people, and have protected key benefits for pensioners like winter fuel payments, free bus travel, free prescriptions, and now the Conservatives need the Liberal Democrats more than Liberal Democrats need the Conservatives.

They are not in any position to block more of the Liberal Democrat Manifesto being delivered. In any event let’s hope that there are one or two more by-elections in Conservative seats before 2015.

Cllr G Evans

Liberal Democrat group leader

Prospect Road