Big Yin suffers again after Scarboro’ woe

ACCLAIMED comedian Billy Connolly, who jousted with hecklers at Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre before walking off stage, has suffered the wrath of fans again.

The Scottish entertainer, who performed two sell-out shows at the Futurist last month, left the stage early at a gig in Blackpool.

Mr Connolly, who was this week voted the most influential comedian of all time, was pilloried by sections of the Scarborough crowd for his stance, but curtailed his routine again at the Blackpool Opera House.

Fan Ffyona McKeating said: “It was terrible and was such an anti-climax.

“I felt he should have been used to hecklers, I have seen other comedians who shake off hecklers.”

Alan Wright, who also attended the show, added: “He was going on about quite a touchy subject, but he was trying to make light of a difficult situation, then someone shouted at him.

“It was a disappointing end to a really good night because he had been on form.”

Despite his problems in Scarborough, bosses at the Futurist told the Evening News the comedian was committed to returning to the town in the future.