Bikers light up Foreshore all in aid of charity

Parade of the Goldwing vehicles along the seafront....setting off with a different kind of co rider
Parade of the Goldwing vehicles along the seafront....setting off with a different kind of co rider
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Scarborough’s Foreshore was lit up like a Christmas tree last night with the 5th annual Goldwing Light Parade in aid of the RNLI.

Around 190 brightly lit Honda motorcycles formed an orderly procession along a packed Foreshore Road.

Scarborough’s Ellie Walls, 28, started the parade in West Pier car park by running the first 300 metres in front of the bikes carrying her Olympic Torch, which was illuminated.

Organiser John Bates said that Goldwing riders had travelled from all over the UK. He added: “They are not that common and it’s rare to find so many in one place. It’s been a fantastic turnout and it will be a great spectacle when it starts.”

He added that Scarborough was the perfect place to hold the event. “The council like it and the traders like it and the people of Scarborough like it – they turn out in their 1,000s.”

Val Johnson, a treasurer with the RNLI, said the organisation had received fantastic support from the Goldwing riders. “What you see today is a year of fundraising efforts,” she added.

Martin Gardner, from Anstruther in Fife, said: “We’ve been here a few years and it is one of the few Goldwing events that’s really well organised and it is safe.”

Janet Deacon, Scarborough’s tourism manager, said the event had been wonderful. She added: “I think the Goldwing event has really grown over the past few years.

“It’s been an absolutely fantastic day for families. There was more this year with the bungee jumping and music.”

From 8pm spectators were treated to the parade of illuminated motorcycles displaying showlights and playing music as they travel along the Promenade.

They headed to the Aquarium Top roundabout before returning back down Foreshore Road, along Sandside, Marine Drive, Royal Albert Drive to Peasholm Gap.

At this point the procession did an about turn and head back to the starting point.

The event has collected more than £21,000 for the RNLI since 2008.