Bird lover becomes penguin foster dad

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A bird lover has become a foster parent to two penguin chicks for the second time.

Todd German, senior aquarist at Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary, has already successfully reared two Humboldt penguin chicks, Rico and Skipper.

Now he has taken new arrivals Beaker and Custard under his wing and is hand-rearing the siblings after they proved too much of a challenge for first- time parents George and Krusty.

“It’s quite common for first-time parents to be unsuccessful,” Todd said. “In this case George and Krusty actually trampled and broke Custard’s egg and we had to help deliver her three days before she was due.

“Beaker hatched out normally, but mum and dad clearly had no idea about feeding or nurturing, so I’m a surrogate penguin parent yet again.”

Todd has converted a cubicle in the Sanctuary’s seal hospital into a penguin post-natal facility, and is regularly feeding his little feathered friends to help them grow.

The pair will roost at Todd’s house on a night as their last feed of the day is at 10pm.

Todd said: “If all goes well, they will join the rest of the flock and meet the public for the first time in about two months’ time.”