Birds flock to playgroup

BIRDWATCHING youngsters have been ticking off their sighting checklists after installing a feeding station at their playgroup.

Following a visit from staff of Pets At Home, children at Hackness Under 5s have been keen to spot pheasants, collared doves, blue tits, blackbirds, finches and robins in the grounds.

Playgroup assistant Dawn Wilde said the natural surroundings were ideal and that it had proved a popular topic for the children.

She said: “Pets at Home come quite often to bring in little pets for the children to see, but this time they came and set up a bird feeder for the children.

“They brought lots of different types of food and talked about what birds they could spot and the importance of feeding wild birds, especially during the winter.

“They’ve spotted them all and they’ve really enjoyed learning about wildlife and doing displays, and of course the setting is perfect for it here.”