Blizzards leave car on roof and couple stranded

A car spins onto its roof in Park Avenue. Picture courtesy of @LiamVasey1 via Twitter
A car spins onto its roof in Park Avenue. Picture courtesy of @LiamVasey1 via Twitter
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Heavy overnight snow showers have left Scarborough once again covered in a freezing blanket - though rain is on the way to clear the winter scenes.

Snow fell throughout the night from around 8pm, laying heavy on roads across the town.

At 9.30pm last night, emergency services were called to an incident in Park Avenue in which a car had flipped onto its roof after attempting to make its way over the steep, snow covered road.

Police, fire and ambulance crew attended the scene, with the fire service assisting the police to clear the road by winching the car to safety.

The road was reopened at around 10.30pm.

Earlier in the evening, and further afield, fire crews from Goathland and Whitby were called to rescue a husband and wife who had driven into a snowdrift near Egton and were unable to get out.

The wife had undergone surgery a week before and they had tried to dig themselves out for more than two hours.

A well know breakdown Company would not attend, however fire officers attended at 7.27pm and managed to get the couple and the vehicle to the safety of a local hotel.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said: “Usually the Fire Service only attend life risk incidents but on this occasion an exception was made.

“If you must venture out, please take great care!”

In travel news flights from Leeds Bradford International Airport were suspended earlier this morning. The airport is now open however flights schedules are facing disruption.

The snow in Scarborough is set to be short lived however with rain forecast this evening and tomorrow morning, and temperatures to rise as high as possibly 7oc in the night.