Blots on the landscape detract from the area

The degeneration of the north side, Scarborough:

Having spent my childhood in the 1940s collecting butterflies on the cliffs and marine life on the rocks at the north side, I decided to have a walk round the area comparing it to what I remembered it then.

The old open air swimming pool is an absolute eyesore, if any reader is contemplating a holiday to Syria then save your money and give the present venture a visit instead.

The Open Air Theatre has been rebuilt but some form of roof (covering about half the seating area) should have been installed. It appears to be only used sparingly, surely talent shows and other acts besides musicians could grace its stage?

Behind the seating area is another bomb site, akin to the blitz. It was called Mr Marvels amusement park, however, I once likened it to a conglomeration of World War Two nissen huts in a letter to your paper. Planning permission for a hotel and tourist accommodation is planned but we don’t need more holiday lets, we require attractions to bring people to Scarborough first.

Further along on the cliff top there is another blot on the landscape, the old pylons from the broken chair lift. Either remove them or recycle them, maybe as a zipline and ropeway bridges etc.

Peasholm Park has remained in a time warp. I’m certain the canoes are the same ones I used as a child. Possibly the favourite attraction there, the illuminated tree walk has been scrapped.

D Raisin

High Street