Bodies on show in TV series

SCARBOROUGH residents and holidaymakers alike will be revealing all tonight as the episode of Embarrassing Bodies filmed in the town goes to air.

The show, which was filmed in July, will be on Channel 4 at 9pm and will feature members of the public having a consultation with TV doctors Christian Jessen and Dawn Harper.

Hundreds of people flocked to the South Bay beach when filming was taking place and queued to meet the stars of the show.

The programme encourages people to seek help and advice about any embarrassing medical problems they may have been keeping under wraps.

Many people took part in the show as it was filmed over the course of a full day. But it is not clear how many people’s stories will be featured and what sort of health issues they may reveal.

Embarrassing Bodies is now looking for more courageous contributors to make short films with.

A spokesman said: “If you are living with an incurable condition, that doesn’t embarrass you at all, but may make others embarrassed about asking you questions, we’d like to hear from you.”

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