Body was found in kitchen

A MAN cut both his wrists several times following the breakdown of his relationship, a coroner has heard.

Michael Oakley, the coroner for the Scarborough area, yesterday reopened the inquest into the death of 46-year-old Gary Cannon who died in his Sussex Street home in April.

Deborah Bentley, of West Terrace, said they had been together since last October but the relationship ended shortly before his death.

She said: “I’d had a letter from Gary on the Friday. He made out that he wasn’t going to be there any more and to go and get my stuff from the house.”

But when she arrived at the property Mr Cannon was already dead. She said that he had moved to Scarborough from Essex, via Blackpool, following the breakdown of a previous relationship.

According to a police statement he was found in the kitchen covered in blood.

Dr David Morgan, a consultant pathologist at Scarborough Hospital, said the cuts included three to his left wrist and two to the right wrist. He said: “They were certainly in a position that the deceased could’ve reached himself.”

Mr Cannon’s brother, Chris, said his mood had been “up and down” following the split. He said: “He had spoken to me about taking his life before. I thought he was too strong a person.”

He said that when he spoke to his brother on the day he died he sounded different and he had also received a letter from him saying sorry to everyone for all the hurt he had caused.

Mr Oakley ruled that Gary Cannon had killed himself following the break up. He said: “This has been a deliberate act on his behalf.”