Boleyns stripped of licence

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Time has been called on a trouble hit Scarborough nightclub, after it was stripped of its licence following police concerns.

Boleyns will be forced to close after Scarborough Council decided to revoke its licence at a hearing on Friday December 20.

The exact reason behind the closure is still unknown, after The Scarborough News was ejected from the meeting by the council after it imposed a ban on the press and public, due to the sensitive nature of some of the evidence to be used.

Concerns were raised by North Yorkshire Police regarding the quality of the nightclub’s CCTV coverage, the behaviour of members of their security staff and whether the licence holder was in full operational control of the premises as a whole.

The police said they were in constant dialogue with the venue regarding problems with their CCTV and were forced to make contact with Boleyns management on an almost daily basis to ensure that the business was operating within legislation.

The management of the nightclub now have 21 days in which to launch an appeal against the committee’s decision.

It can remain open for the next three weeks, but if by the expiry of the deadline an appeal has not been submitted then it will close its doors.

Should an appeal be made then it will be allowed to trade until the appeal is heard.

Historically, the St Thomas Street venue has been blighted by violence both inside and outside its doors.

However, current owner Wayne Morriss recently told The Scarborough News that the venue had turned a new leaf, with an improved focus on security.

And North Yorkshire Police, who helped to bring about the licensing hearing, only recently praised door staff at the club after they helped to break up a drink-fuelled assault on officers in the town centre.

The early hours attack ignited calls from both councillors and bar owners to curb late-night drinking culture, and to embrace Scarborough Council proposals to shut bars earlier at the weekend.

But licensees failed to universally approve the plans, they were temporarily shelved.

A spokesperson for Scarborough Council said the reasoning behind the decision will be made public by early January.