Bombardment: A poignant remembrance

Last Tuesday’s commemoration was absolutely wonderful, very poignant, very well organised.

From the Town Hall Gardens to the service at St Mary’s and then the Manor Road Cemetery service, all was given so much organisational time.

I felt most privileged, as a Scarborian, to have been invited to such a memorable event in the history of our town.

The weather was perfect, both for we attendees but as importantly for the flotilla in the bay. Even the sunrise on cue, as the Last Post was sounded, added to the real sense of both commemoration and reconciliation.

I would be pleased if you would convey my humble thanks to all at the Town Hall and to all the other parties who were involved in producing such a magnificent event, particularly the Scarborough Maritime Heritage Trust who ‘did the town proud’ through their research and thence publication of ‘Scarborough Remembers’.

J Martin Johnson

North Street