Bombing threat: man in custody

Armed siege New Queen Street
Armed siege New Queen Street

A Scarborough man is in custody after threatening police with a knife and saying he was going to blow up a building.

Ian Ireland, 32, was arrested following a six-hour stand-off with police in New Queen Street.

Armed siege New Queen Street

Armed siege New Queen Street

Officers were called following a 999 call from a member of the public, who had seen a man throwing items – including a TV – out of a first-floor window. During a hearing at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, prosecutor Martin Butterworth said that Ireland was “effectively hanging out of the window, throwing bottles towards a police officer who had to take evasive action to avoid being hit”.

Ireland then produced a 7in knife and an 18in carving knife. He shouted at police: “I’ve got an AK47 in the corridor waiting for you”, adding that he had cut off the gas supply and was going to blow up the block of flats.

He was also seen brandishing a hammer and holding a knife to his throat, which he then threw out of the window.

Ireland told police he had a potassium bomb and napalm in the flat.

The threats led to the fire service and gas board being called out and the evacuation of some nearby residents.

One eyewitness said: “I opened my curtains at 5.30am and saw all the police outside, some with guns.

“I thought there had been some fighting going on. There were things all over the road that had been thrown down - stepladders, paint, all sorts.”

The incident had started at 2.20am on Sunday.

Eventually Ireland, who was seen taking tablets during the incident, became drowsy and police were able to enter his flat and bring the incident to an end.

The court heard how Ireland had admitted being in drink and taking amphetamine following a row with his partner.

He told police he couldn’t remember exactly what had happened, but accepted their version of events.

Ireland admitted a charge of threatening unlawful violence and two counts of criminal damage, which relate to him smashing a car windscreen and throwing paint over the rented flat’s bathroom.

The matter was sent to York Crown Court for sentencing on June 4.