Book another milestone for ring legend Paul

Paul Ingle looks to the future .Pic Richard Ponter 144903b
Paul Ingle looks to the future .Pic Richard Ponter 144903b

Scarborough boxing great Paul Ingle’s autobiography is set to be launched on the 
anniversary of one of the former world champion’s greatest nights.

The book, entitled The Yorkshire Hunter , will be launched on April 29, 15 years to the day since Ingle’s “epic” victory over Junior Jones at boxing’s spiritual home, Madison Square Garden.

The book, much like that famous New York night, ranks among Ingle’s biggest victories.

That’s according to the author who helped put the former Olympian’s life story into 

“We carefully considered the date as Paul has had many, many milestones, but it’s poignant as it’s the day he became a double world champion against a Hall of Famer,” said Paul Zanon.

“For me, it’s the date of his greatest performance.”

But 15 years on from that incredible night, Ingle will again be the centre of attention, at the lunchtime launch.

It’s a million miles away from the Big Apple, but for Ingle – who has battled personal issues since his forced retirement – it’s another massive milestone.

For the two Pauls, the book is a reminder to the boxing community that may have forgotten the Featherweight phenomenon, whose humility and breathtaking work-rate captivated fans.

But in his home town, over a decade since he hung up his gloves, he’s never been forgotten.

“I remember the first time I walked through Scarborough with him, and everyone was shouting ‘hey champ’,” added Mr Zanon, who has 
spent months with Ingle, developing a friendship which has helped in Ingle’s dramatic weight loss.

“I would say to him ‘do you know who he is’ and Paul would say he didn’t know, but it’s nothing to do with his memory.

“When he was fighting, he developed such a huge following that he became a celebrity, and that’s stayed with him.”

After the Scarborough launch, Ingle heads to Hull three days later to promote the book in a city which became a second home to him during his glittering career.