Books delivered direct to your door

SCARBOROUGH Library is calling on people who would benefit from their home delivery service to get in touch.

The Home Library Service, run by North Yorkshire County Council, is on the lookout for new clients who would love to have reading material delivered to their home.

Currently the county council delivers to around 2,500 people throughout North Yorkshire and is keen to ensure that the service is taken up as widely as possible.

The Home Library Service uses volunteer help to take books directly into customers’ homes.

A leaflet drop will be carried out around the South Cliff area this month, using volunteers from the Scarborough Training Centre as well as Home Library volunteers to promote the service.

The Home Library delivers books, CDs, and audio books directly to clients who find it difficult to come into the library for themselves and the service is concerned that there are many more people who could benefit from these home deliveries.

County Councillor Chris Metcalfe, North Yorkshire’s executive member for libraries, said: “For some people the service provides an invaluable connection to the outside world and we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on this free opportunity.

“Our volunteers provide more than just a book delivery service, they make time to sit and have a chat with customers too.

“It’s not only a delivery service but a support service.”

The following items may be borrowed through the home library and information service:

l books

l audio books

l up to two music CDs at a time

l up to two videos or two DVDs at a time

l large print books

l children’s books

Once you have expressed an interest in receiving the service, a member of staff will call you to arrange to visit you at home.

They will discuss authors and genres you like (or dislike) and whether you prefer ordinary print, large print or audio books on tape or CD.

They will use this information to draw up a detailed reader profile and if you are not already a library member they will look after that for you too.

From then on, the library will use this list to choose books especially to suit your tastes. The books will be delivered to you on an agreed day every two weeks. The computer system usually tells staff if you have had a book before.

A spokesman said: “Please tell your volunteers what you think of the selections you get. They will pass this on to your local library so that your reader profile is kept up to date.

“You can also make free requests for specific titles or authors, through your volunteers. When you register for the service, we will arrange with you a regular delivery day every fortnight.”