Boro assistant Bolder hangs up boots after scare

Chris Bolder is taken from the field on a stretcher
Chris Bolder is taken from the field on a stretcher

Scarborough Athletic assistant manager Chris Bolder has taken the tough decision to hang up his boots.

Bolder, 34, collapsed during Saturday's 2-0 win at Mossley due to breathing difficulties. He was then stretchered from the pitch and taken to hospital.

Chris Bolder is action against Mossley

Chris Bolder is action against Mossley

The midfielder has reflected on his future since leaving hospital and he has opted to follow the doctors' advice and end a career that started at Grimsby Town in the early 2000s.

"It is difficult because I have really been enjoying my football, but I have a family, so you have to be sensible," he said.

"I have a history of high blood pressure, I've been on tablets for it since the age of 27.

"I knew that I had to be careful with sport, but since I was diagnosed, the doctors had got it under control.

"I missed one of my tablets at the end of last week and that could have been something that affected me.

"But, I've been told that I can't play at this level of football anymore, when you get a warning like that you have to act on it."

Bolder had been struggling from the beginning of Saturday's game, before eventually collapsing in the 43rd minute.

He added: "I didn't feel right from the start, I just couldn't get near anyone because of my breathing.

"I told my brother Adam that I was struggling, but he told me that I wasn't going off and that I'd be fine, obviously not knowing the seriousness of things. He was in the hospital with me and he fully agreed with the doctors' advice about finishing at this level.

"I signalled to the bench in the end and said that I had to come off, but before that happened I had to chase back, then, as I was jogging forward, I just started gasping for breath.

"I want to thank the doctor who came on to help me, and also our physio Christian Machen, because at the time it was very, very scary.

"I also want to thank the Boro fans and everyone at the club because they were great on the day.

"Also the Mossley fans, players and officials were brilliant as well."

Bolder is now ready to settle down into the possibly more reserved role on the bench as out-and-out assistant-manager.

He said: "The main thing is I'm still involved, but obviously I'll miss playing.

"The fact that I'm not on the pitch anymore should be less stressful on my body, but I'll be hoping for a few comfortable 3-0 wins to make sure my heart rate doesn't get too high."