Boro's new base will be the Flamingo Land Stadium

Boro's new Flamingo Land Stadium base
Boro's new Flamingo Land Stadium base

Scarborough Athletic's new base will be named the Flamingo Land Stadium.

The facility, which is a part of the state of the art Scarborough Sports Village, will change to the Flamingo Land Coast Stadium once the brand new attraction opens on the town's South Bay.

Flamingo Land became the new sponsor after a six-figure sum and five-year contract was accepted by Scarborough Borough Council.

CEO at Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire Gordon Gibb said: "We continue to be passionate about the Town’s redevelopment and relish working with such a forward thinking council team. We hope that our financial commitment to the Stadium reflects this and demonstrates that Scarborough is a town which is very much on the up.

"Football has always been intertwined with our history at Flamingo Land and we view the town’s team returning to Scarborough as being a dream come true that we are delighted to support."

The company previously sponsored Scarborough FC in the 1980s and 1990s, they also sponsored both Hull City and Middlesbrough in the Premier League last season.