Boys boost funds with jumble sale

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HUNDREDS of pounds were raised at the Boy’s Brigade’s “best ever” jumble sale.

The Second Scarborough Company Boy’s Brigade hosted the sale in a bid to boost their fundraising project.

The boys are hoping to raise around £30,000 for a new garage to house their Boys Brigade mini bus.

Thanks to their jumble sale, held at Wreyfield Methodist Church, they are now reached the £10,000 mark after raising more than £336 at the sale.

Company captain Chris Bairstow said: “It was an excellent day. We had lots of customers, probably more than we have ever had at a jumble sale.

“We were absolutely delighted to have raised more than £330, especially when you think it has all come from other people’s rubbish selling at 20p to a £1. That is an awful lot of items shifted.

“Not only did we have a lot of people turn up on the day but we had a lot of donations to the sale, so a huge thank you to everyone who supported us.

“The boys had a great time running the event, and are really pleased to have got that bit closer to our fundraising target.”

Mr Bairstow said all the clothes left over from the sale will be weighed in, with the brigade getting 40p for every kilo.

Due to this he is expecting the funds will be boosted by at least another £200 from the left over items.