Brave soldier to take plunge for charity

A SOLDIER is attempting a gruelling swim this weekend to help raise money for a specialist baby unit in Scarboorugh.

Lance Corporal David Sarch, 28, of Prospect Road, Scarborough, will brave the cold sea on Saturday morning to undergo an arduous three-mile swim from the Crown Spa Hotel to the Sea Life Centre.

He said: “I got injured in 2005, and was unable to do any weights, so I needed to find something to keep fit.

“I’d only ever swam occasionally in my local pool, but I soon loved it.”

“Before now though, I’ve only ever swam about a mile in open water, so this’s going to be one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done.”

He’s planning to do the swim in order to raise money for the Special Care Baby Unit at Scarborough General Hospital. The Unit has a special place in his heart after his one-year-old daughter Robyn spent her first days there after being born five weeks premature.

And the brave soldier is hoping to raise enough money to help ensure other people can get the same care as his daughter.

“When Robyn was born, the staff there were just amazing.

“The least that I can do to help is get a bit cold and wet. My only worry’s that I might get stung, as my dad said that there’s jellyfish everywhere!”

David starts his swim at 9.40am on Saturday morning, with friends and family present to collect donations.