Brave students’ fundraising dip

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SCARBOROUGH’S South Bay witnessed its own costume drama over the weekend when students donned Victorian outfits for a fundraising dip.

The third year costume design degree students, based at the Westwood campus of Yorkshire Coast College, hope to raise cash for their end-of-year show.

One exception to the Victorian attire was 21-year-old Sarah Young who wore a bright pink bikini – because she had promised to do so if they raised at least £300.

She said: “I just said it and once I said it everybody took it seriously. It just went from there. Now the day is here and I can’t believe I said it.”

Fellow student Maggie Holliday, who also works as a nurse, said they needed to raise a total of £1,500 to cover the costs of the degree show. Other events have included a swap shop and a film show at Halloween. She said: “This is the last big event and after we’ve done this we will be doing little things to raise the money. We are not there yet but we are almost there.”

As part of the end-of-year show the students will have to produce a brochure as well as provide catering and send invites to people from the industry.

A small crowd of supporters gathered next to the lifeboat station at 2pm on Saturday as the girls ran into the icy waves of the North Sea.

Speaking after she emerged from the water, Sarah, who got to the final 12 contestants of last year’s Miss Scarborough competition, said it was very cold. She added: “That was horrendous, never again, it was horrible and the worst thing I have ever done. But it was worth it to raise the money.”