Bravery award for Dotty the donkey!

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A SCARBOROUGH donkey is set to receive a bravery award from an animal charity after galloping in to save her friend Stanley, the sheep, from being savaged by a dog.

Dotty the donkey will be presented with a PDSA Certificate for Animal Bravery at Row Brow Farm, Lady Edith’s Drive, on Tuesday.

Her brave deed occurred when a dog entered the animals’ shared paddock and launched a frenzied attack on defenceless Stanley.

Seeing the sheep’s plight, the heroic donkey intervened and pinned the dog to the ground until it let go of Stanley. As a result of the attack, the terrified sheep lost two teeth and suffered facial paralysis.

Nearly two years on, Stanley is now fully recovered and never far from his pal – even sharing the same stable at night.

Delighted with the news of the award, Dotty’s owner Ann Rogers, 63, said: “Dotty was so brave that day. She saw her friend Stanley in distress and charged down the field to rescue him from the dog’s jaws.

“I am so proud of Dotty and so pleased that her bravery is being recognised by PDSA.”

Ann, who has kept the Row Brow Farm smallholding for 13 years, will accompany Dotty and Stanley to the presentation ceremony. “It will be an honour to stand beside them,” she said.

Elaine Pendlebury, PDSA senior veterinary surgeon, said: “Donkeys are very stoical and protective animals.

“Often when faced with a threat they will rise up to face their enemy, in this case an aggressive dog.

“Dotty showed herself to be a true protector of the animals she sees as her family and her bravery saved Stanley from further harm, and possibly death.”

Ann Rogers rescued Dotty three years ago when she saw the skinny and frail donkey tethered on the side of the road. She is stable mate to Stanley, five years old, who was orphaned as a newborn lamb.

They share the fields around Row Brow Farm with a menagerie of pets and rescued animals including rabbits, goats, peacocks and llamas.