BREAKING NEWS: Treacherous conditions cause traffic snag

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SNOW and ice in a sudden drop in temperature forced some drivers back from Cloughton Bank, north of Scarborough in the worst road conditions of winter so far.

Vehicles travelling between Scarborough and Whitby on the Whitby Road faced a drop from 3C to zero between 4.30pm and 5.30pm.

Drivers skidded on the road north of Cloughton village and in one case, a four-by-four driver stopped and helped to push a stranded motorist.

Police and ambulance arrived to help drivers as a heavy goods vehicle added to the problems when it became stuck at the foot of Ringing Keld Hill, just south of Gowland Lane.

A county council gritter lorry arrived to help provide traction for the vehicles, most of which were able to get through the icy conditions.

Milder weather brought rain which helped to defrost the snow-covered icy road.