Bridge still due to open in May

n NETWORK Rail runs, maintains and develops Britain’s rail tracks, signalling, bridges, tunnels, level crossings, viaducts and 17 key stations. The organisation says its mission is to “provide a safe, reliable and efficient railway fit for the 21st century.”

WORK on strengthening a Scarborough rail bridge is said to be on track for completion next month.

The project at Westwood Bridge, in Belgrave Terrace, has suffered delays due to steelwork being more corroded than it was initially thought.

Work began in January and it was hoped it would be finished by March.

However, following the major setback, a new completion target was set for early May.

A spokeswoman from Network Rail said this was still the case and that there had been no further problems on site.

The work has seen the removal of the existing road surface to allow new steelwork to be put in place.

Workers are now in the process of laying a new concrete bridge deck which will be augmented by a completely new road surface.

The work has meant the closure of Belgrave Terrace since the project began in January, which has caused problems for motorists and pedestrians alike.

Many people use the bridge to cut through to Scarborough’s 24-hour Tesco store in Westwood.

Network Rail’s spokeswoman said these are “essential repair works” and apologised to anyone who had been inconvenienced by the work.

She added: “We will complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

The project has been a bone of contention with local residents, with some people asking if it could have been dealt with differently and more quickly.

Comments on the Evening News website included one from Crossgates View, who said: “Another case of let’s take forever to do this job.

“If a simple rail over road bridge has to be replaced, the rail companies get it done in a day.”

Glen1962 commented: “This is a steel bridge that can be constructed elsewhere and then brought in to the town on a lorry.”