Bright start as festival’s ‘Darkness’ sells out

ONE of the main attractions of a forthcoming one-day arts festival in Scarborough is fully booked.

The organisers of Coastival’s Rather Splendid Day Out have revealed that all 240 tickets for Darkness at the Sun Court have now gone.

The award-winning theatre group Slung Low is presenting the performance on February 11 as the first of five pieces to be performed at arts festivals across North Yorkshire under the collective name Converging Paths.

Theatre-lovers from all over Yorkshire and beyond have snapped up tickets to ensure they are part of a unique opportunity.

Coastival’s Rather Splendid Day Out organiser Wendy Clews said: “The Slung Low performance has really caught the imagination and we knew as soon as tickets were made available that they would very quickly be taken up.”

Meanwhile tickets for other Rather Splendid Day Out events are also selling well via

“The response we are getting is wonderful,” she added.