Brooklands flats decision to be made

Brooklands Picture Richard Ponter 134027a
Brooklands Picture Richard Ponter 134027a

Councillors are due to meet for a second time today to discuss plans to turn a struggling hotel into flats for adults with learning difficulties after the applicants were able to demonstrate that it had little future in the tourism industry.

The Brooklands Hotel in Esplanade Gardens has 63 en-suite rooms which can sleep up to 115 guests when at capacity but it has been struggling to make money and attempts to sell it as a hotel have not been successful.

Verum Victum Healthcare have now applied to take over part of the hotel, the stretch of the building that runs from numbers 7 to 9 Esplanade gardens, and turn it into 18 apartments to provide independent living accommodation for people with learning disabilities on a rental basis.

A decision was deferred in October on the scheme after an objection from North Yorkshire County Council, over the size of the of plans and fears that rooms will be filled by people coming from outside the area, which would put a bigger strain on the county council’s budget.

Despite these concerns the borough council’s officers have once again recommended that councillors approve the scheme, providing they are happy with the applicants response to the county council’s objections.

The hotel also takes up number 10 Esplanade Gardens and from the first floor up of 11. This part of the building has not been included in the plans which have been submitted to Scarborough Council but the application does state that the remaining portion of the hotel could be the subject of another change of use in the future.

The report into the application, by planning director David Walker, notes that the change of use from a hotel is acceptable as no buyer has been found which would enable it to continue to operate for tourism.